State Of The Drewnion

For those of you don't know how much I love puns, you now know.

Life has been keeping me inordinately busy the last few months on top of me trying to figure out why my mental state is unstable more often than not. This is why I have been on an unspoken hiatus for quite some time.

Between work and spending an extra 20 hours in the kitchen every week trying to keep food choices healthy, trying to find time for walks and stretching, and spending time with Connie I am super swamped all the time it feels.

That may be me still trying to find my balance. The problem now is finding motivation to write when I'm impossibly worn down from day to day life. I want to make a change and move towards Writing being my life, but that takes time and energy that doesn't seem to be present in my every day life at the moment.

I do work on Uncharted Territory and a couple other small fun pieces, but overall writing isn't happening much.

A few things I have been mulling around is starting Blog posts for the food I'm making, product and game reviews(when I have time to play games that is), and things that I can stop and pick back up at any time.

My hope is that I can find a balance that allows for time to write while not neglecting the rest of my life, though working a day job really makes that difficult(especially when you're spending 7hours a week driving alone to get there).

Sadly it's not even about making a career out of it anymore. Even my desire just isn't there nearly as much when I'm constantly bombarded by the rest of life at random times.

I have so many story ideas that pile up, which is good for the future when I find time to write. Maybe at some point I'll catch a lucky break and find someone who believes in the writing enough to give me an opportunity to work towards that future.

That may be a publisher, or it could be enough people banding together places like Patreon to help support an indie author in their life struggles. I'd like to revamp my Patreon yet again and try to find a dynamic that provides me with incentive to write, an incentive for my readers to become Patrons, and an incentive for more of my Patrons to become involved in the indie community as a whole.

To give you all an idea of how many story ideas are accruing with all this time(because I still have time to daydream when I'm on auto-pilot at work or doing house chores), here's a list of a few ideas I've got in mind:


1) Uncharted Territory - The Blessing of Frau Holle - First novel in the Sci-Fi series, following Rey Lionhart as she explores an abandoned Lintenell Research Starship to find why it was left to the void of space with a whole crew of AI still on board.

2) Uncharted Territory - Part Two - Still in brainstorming phase. A story arc involving Rey, an intergalactic guardian belonging to an ancient order of peacekeepers known as Valkyrie. and a curious girl locked in stasis aboard Uncharted Territory with a terrifying and dangerous past.

3) Uncharted Territory - Part Three - Rey arrives at the destination given to her by Dokk, a cosmic being known as a Wight who possessed a savant Justiciary during the events of my first novella(Forming a System). Why would Dokk send her to the Pangean homeworld? Better yet, why is the Pangean Homeworld still living in Post-Survival times when they're capable of Post-Scarcity technology?

(Note: I am seriously debating sending Bartholomew in to a publisher, though I'm still debating. It really all depends on how publishing Uncharted Territory independently goes for my first full Novel venture)

4) Bartholomew and the Purrlosopher's Stone - Fantasy/Anthropomorphic animals. Our feline hero makes his first joint adventure to the shattered ruin of Omeowha, Tabraska. Will he and his newfound companion Countess Reyna find riches, or find themselves in more trouble than they bargained for?

5) Bartholomew and the Squirrel Ritual - Off to the land of forest and critters, Bartholomew is tasked with investigating strange energy spikes coming from the Squirrel homeland of Nutchester. What could these squirrels possibly be doing to frighten Ricky, Bartholomew's liaison to Raven society?

6) Land Of The Ley-Lines - Tales Of The Freyan Valley - A Short story book compiling previous and new Fantasy works in the Land of the Ley-Lines world of Dorana. Featuring Kim the Necromancer, Marcus Wainright, and Mary MacGregor as they find their place in a world of magic and technology.

7) Land Of the Ley-Lines - A New Empire - The first full-length Novel in the Land of the Ley-Lines series. Following Marcus Wainwright and his struggle to evade detection of his magical prowess. His father had told him stories of the emperor kidnapping children and forcing them into the Freyan Academy to become war mages for isolationist efforts. His life was extraordinary before joining the Freyan guard.

8) Chained Reality - The Junto - Urban Fantasy/SciFi - Modern America has been shaped by corporate expansion, government reliance, and a small faction of people using peaceful voluntary means to better their communities. Serge Kamada's dream of becoming a volunteer-based society may seem like an honorable goal, but reality often pans out the way we want it to. Could this eccentric secretive philanthropist have more of an agenda than simply helping those around him?


There are definitely more ideas but these are the major pieces I'd like to work on and release as full novels first. I also have another Sci-Fi/corporate dystopia piece I've been thinking as a standalone to send to publishers regardless of my Indie career.

As an Indie author I do believe it could only do me good to work with a real publisher to understand how the rest of the industry works.

I'm glad I could take some time and let people know I'm not dead, and I'm definitely not done with being a writer. Life has taken a busy turn, though it can turn at any time again.

Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck with me the last few years and still do check in from time to time. I hope I can get more content rolling soon!

Though if you'd like to help make that more of a reality, please be sure to subscribe as a Patron, Follow me on Twitter(@chainedreality), and let your friends know about the indie author doing his best that they can help for as little as $1/month!

If I can get 1000 Patrons at $1/month, I'll already be making how about much I do at my day job which could open up so much more time to write and produce more content!

Thanks again for your support and I truly hope you've found something valuable in your time here!


- Drew

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