A Tip For America

Tipping is a bit of a grey area. The modern view on tipping varies based on culture and that’s evident in statistics of tipping rates between states.

Why does tipping vary between states? Wasn’t this system put in place long ago?

How Exactly Did Tipping Come To Be?

Tipping was a concept that originated in Europe.

The thoughts behind various forms of tipping was a thank you to a server or innkeeper for their services. A thought based on appreciation for the work the individual put in to the customer’s experience.

Seems a pretty basic concept really. If someone does something for you, generally an easy way to show your appreciation is to provide them with currency to live their lives with.

Germany even tipped it’s beer delivery workers with money to go get drinks themselves.

Yet there’s a much different history to tipping in America.

I’ve read quite a few articles trying to find multiple views on how tipping in America started and none of them provide any encouraging information.

It seems tipping was adopted in America partly due to racist restaurant owners who could then make their black workers rely on tips entirely.

Not even just the restaurant owners were accepting these practices.

Many customers felt tipping was natural as the servers were seen as “inferiors”.

Was this the only mentality bringing the idea overseas? I seriously doubt it.

However it is important to remember it is still part of what drove tipping to popularity.

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